Extinction Rebellion “swarming” road junctions


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I’m all for peaceful protest once it doesn’t harm anyone. Although would it not be as good to just swarm the crossings once they turn red with whatever banners and then move back to the side of the road and hand out leaflets to drivers? I fear it could anger motorists who might be in a rush to get places for business reasons and be counter productive to stop traffic for this long. while it will get the attention of council it may not be for the right reasons and also may not get others on-side with the real issue of climate and pollutants in our area. i also clicked the wrong thing in the poll. i meant to click ‘other’

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I agree with you Cormac and I don’t think the “Rebellion” understands that they will make an enemy of every driver they hold up on Friday. Every child that is late for their exam. Every nurse that misses their shift rotation. Bad idea XR :no_good_woman:

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Or, in my case, a hospital appointment at Lewisham tomorrow.

ER are a monstrous pain in the arse with no thought for anything but their own meaningless virtue signalling and “being cool”. I wish they’d grow up and just disappear.

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Letter to Sydenham School parents:

I’m a staunch believer in climate change and understand the need for change. But I disagree with this tactic. Causing massive tailbacks with delayed traffic all with engines idling is in fact causing more pollution and not less. I cannot see how angering motorists is going to lower air pollution. Good cause. Bad tactics.

Hey Extinction Rebellion - why not tackle bigger causes of pollution and rebel against the marine industry instead. https://www.transportenvironment.org/what-we-do/shipping/air-pollution-ships

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Indeed. Bringing traffic to a standstill is going to create more pollution in a concentrated area, so they’re also stupid, as well as annoying and disruptive, which proves they haven’t thought about what they’re actually “protesting” about at all, rather are just jumping on a bandwagon to look cool. They’re idiots, and should be arrested and charged.

Sympathies to the schoolchildren and others affected by the protest, but do bear in mind how important this cause is for future generations. Perhaps for some of us in our twilight years we underestimate the effect of climate change, subconsciously knowing we won’t be affected by it personally. More power to the Rebellion!

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It is a very important cause - I maintain they’re rebelling in the wrong way.

There is a big change coming to shipping to shipping globally with the introduction of 0.5% sulphur cap which means most owners will have to switch from burning heavy fuel oil to marine gas oil. Or refineries need to develop a mix to comply with regulations. Comes into effect from 1st January 2020 so will be interesting to see implementation and how effectively it will be monitored. In the short term there will likely be a significant cost increase due to higher fuel which in the current bad market for owners will likely be passed on to the customer. Does mean they will evaluate whether shipping still worth it at increased costs, but probably just the smaller scale customers, not BP, Exon etc.


Those schoolchildren “affected by the protest” were taking their A-levels on Friday. Do you not think that potentially missing those has more repercussions for their future?

Extinction Rebellion are disgusting. I have zero sympathy for any of them and hope they’re all arrested.


I agree the timing was terrible for the children and their parents. Rebellion would argue that their message is more striking, the more serious the impact of its activism.

I am in two minds about this. Many childrens’ lives will be seriously affected by pollution if we carry on without change. But disrupting a-level exams will undoubtedly hurt childrens’ futures, you are right.