Enterprise Club



A group of us are in the early stages of planning a small business / enterpreneurial enterprise club in SE26. Topics to cover include: Marketing, social media, time management, accounting / financing services, and other related topics of interest. We have secured free meeting space at Ignition Brewery for the trial period.

Would love to hear from others who are interested in joining us and ideas for other topics to cover. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone!


Sounds interesting, would be up for lending any support on marketing & social media if required


When I lived in North London there was a small meetup group called “Cocoa Club” designed for entrepreneurs and creatives.

We met every month and after a few drinks and ice-breaker games, there was a focus group session, where individual members of the group would stand up and describe a particular challenge they were facing in their business. They’d talk for five minutes, and then the floor would be opened so the rest of the meet-up group could give them helpful suggestions.

The moderator noted the suggestions on a flip chart, and the presenter took the flip chart sheet home with them.

Simple idea but worked really well and was very helpful to me when I was creating a startup at the time.

Best of luck with Enterprise Club, @ljones427 :+1: