Drain Unblocking



Hi There

Can anyone recommend a company who can unblock our drains



Hi Theresa,
Last year I used ‘Dyno’. They are a big company, linked to British gas I think. However why I am recommending them is they came for call out but in the end concluded I had a different issue and didn’t need charge for their call out. Saved me a lot of money. Fairly transparent pricing.


thanks Sgc, I ended up using a local chap called Dave - Company called Down The Drain based in Forest Hill. He came out within 30 mins and solved the issue and his charges very competitive.


Well good to know as last night had a problem develop in my en suite this time instead of kitchen so likely have to call someone out myself :hushed: karma working wrong way. Will give him a call! Tks for recommendation :joy:


Yes do, he’s great and more competitive than the nationals.