Customers ignoring Sainsburys special opening rules

Well I’m still feeling shaken by this morning’s experience.

It’s completely understandable that families especially are panicking, but this morning could have been a safe time for us wobbly and creaky folk to buy a few essentials.

My question is: where was the signage? Genuinely, some of the younger people there were simply unaware of the policy to allow elderly shoppers their special hour.

Sorry to hear that, @Vennerist - I hope you managed to get enough to tide you over.

Seems the situation was better in Lidl:

Yes thank you Chris. I got what I needed in the end and friends tell me Sainsburys is much better now (albeit with some gaps in the shelves).

However, I am now determined to use deliveries from local independent shops instead of the supermarkets

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That’s good news. I discovered our local butcher sells excellent bread and cheese in addition to their huge selection of meat. It’s a lot closer than the nearest supermarket and I’ll be using it more in the future now.