Consultation on new housing close to corner of Mayow Park [2018]




See photo of existing building which will be demolished as part of the scheme HERE

10.30am - 2.30pm Saturday 15th December

Forest Hill School
Main Atrium

Dacres Road SE23 2XN

See map of Forest Hill School HERE

This event will present proposals to develop a new residential building in place of the existing warehouse structure on Mayow Road (north-eastern corner of Mayow Park). The site location is marked in red above.

Lewisham Council approves demolition of Mayow Rd warehouse to make way for council homes
Consultation on new housing close to corner of Mayow Park [2019]

First reaction: how dare they build in Mayow Park!!

Upon seeing the existing structure and reminding oneself that no park space is likely to be lost: I think we can support this one.

Lewisham needs more housing and it has to go somewhere. Far better that the housing goes on a warehouse site than on a historic building or a green space.


Interestingly though, looking at the map, that warehouse wall forms a boundary to the park. In the wooded area is a small clearing, which I believe is used by some forest school groups. There is usually a circle of tree stumps there.

So I can see that taking down the wall will have quite a big impact on the space, allowing more light in. It could be better, or it could make it feel slightly less secluded.

Certainly, if housing is built, it may further impact on the space, unless the wall is retained or replaced.

There is definitely a very nice space in there, that provides some relief from the hustle and bustle of London and the park itself.

Nothing against development in principle, but would be nice if it didn’t impact negatively on this tiny patch of trees.