Cherry and Ice reopened! (Full refurb)

Cherry and Ice is looking absolutely brilliant and the plan is for the back to be an art gallery/space…

Just reopened after a few issues with the refurb so pop in and show some love especially with the sun out… ice-cream and smoothies!! :wink:


Great to have jerk chicken rice n beans and a fabulous greeting from Cherry and Ice.

Welcome back, good luck with the new space #supportlocal

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The art gallery at the back (and the secret garden that I didn’t know existed until last week!) is all set-up and the first events since the refurb are:

Had a good chinwag with William today who is trying to make cherry and ice a real social community hub with the refurb and events etc. So keep your eye out for events in the window, on Facebook/Twitter and show some love :slight_smile: