Caravans at Lewisham bowls club

Does anyone know why there are caravans in the car park at the bowls club by Lower Sydenham station? Just wondered as I haven’t noticed them before!

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Oh no, this doesn’t sound good.

Yesterday they were in the access road to the Livesey. 10 caravans and a mountain of fly tipping.

I have messaged Alan Hall.

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Paul Bell (cabinet responsibilities include Travellers), Jacq Paschoud, and Alan Hall all alerted. Jacq has confirmed that officers are on the case…


Sadly it’s a real mess. There’s about 100m of trash piled high behind the old gas holders site - now guarded by security. The Bridge car park also looks to have a security guard, but the bowls club car park, right by Lower Sydenham station, looks trashed already:

That’s terrible! Why don’t people have any respect for the local environment. Very sad and never seen anything this bad in Sydenham before.

Unfortunately it seems to be an annual visit around this time is year:

Yes, it seems to be a regular visit; I’d love to know why. Does it coincide with a particular event in their calendar? This is what they left the previous day at the Livesey’s access road, before moving to the Bowls centre.

Sadly, this mess is also caused by local people paying that nice chap who knocks on their door, and offers to clear rubbish for cash in hand. Please don’t do it!

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The travellers have moved on, leaving a bit of a mess to clear up. Lewisham Council would like to see before, during and after photos of the associated flytipping. DM me and I’ll give you the contact email address.

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Same bunch I wonder?

Judging by this Tweet, it’s only got worse down at Bell Green :frowning: