Brown and Green Cafe in Crystal Palace Park [Opening in March]



Coming soon:


I’m jealous of Crystal Palace all of a sudden. An ambitious new venue for B&G. The views will be superb!


Sure does look impressive. Am I alone in finding B&G a little expensive, amongst other cafes in Sydenham? Not to suggest their wares are overpriced, but it seems they can charge a premium for their location that people are willing to pay.


It’s actually in Penge. People assume everything in the Park is CP but this and the dinosaurs are actually in SE20.


I think it will be unaffordable to a lot of people - their food is very good but not cheap .
But the park has been crying out for a nice cafe for at least 20 years ( as Mayow Park had been Before B and G arrived ) so glad to see it and sure it will do well .

I hope there will also be somewhere a bit more modest for people that just want a cup of tea and bun but also want change from a fiver .


The Roof

Crystal Palace Park Cafe Roof. by Archoptical, on Flickr