Broadband Services #SpeedlessInSydenham

I work from home a lot and need high speed internet to do my work. I feel completely helpless now that my contract is up and the renewal is double my monthly payment. Thinking of going one of those WIFI hub devices that connect using mobile network from EE or 3. Do any of you recommend this option over traditional broadband?

I moved here merely a year ago and have my Broadband connection with Virgin Media. I live in one of the council flats next to Wells Park Road and pretty much that’s the only fibre option available at this neck of the woods. I don’t understand why Open Reach hasnt even considered to lay fibre this side of Sydenham. It’s really frustrating having only one option to what is considered almost a given these anywhere in London :’(

HI @anamika and welcome to the forum. We have some previous discussions tagged #broadband (click to view) which may be of interest, although I don’t think anyone has mentioned cell network broadband. Good luck finding a decent provider.

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Oh. Thanks for the tip! I have been lurking for months. This is a really cool initiative. Great work by you and the rest of the admins <3


Looks like 5G has come to Sydenham, according to the below article. This would probably outpace fibre for most people - definitely a promising option for those whose roads haven’t yet been dug up.

This is such a good shout!. I may have to stick with virgin and pay up for another year before there’s confirmation that this is indeed happening :slight_smile: