Bringing back Sydenham Market


Hi all,

I’m a first-time poster so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Myself and a few friends (all Sydenham residents) are interested in bringing back Sydenham Market. It’s very early doors but to give it every chance of succeeding, we want to understand what people living in Sydenham want from the market.

So if you have one minute to spare, please help us out by filling in this survey.

We never personally experienced what the market was like when it was open, so if anyone has any info that would be useful for us – what was good/less good about it, please reply here.

Thanks in advance!




Hi I just completed the survey. I think the other market wasn’t really a market it was a collection of food stalls selling ‘eat now’ food rather than food stalls selling bread or cheese or ham. I recall a couple of these a couple of times. It was more streetfood than market. No other goods were for sale, and an odd local charity stall. So overall it felt uninspiring.
There’s a man in Sydenham who carves Cypriot bottles out of wood (as an example) so stalls like that coupled with cheese or veg and maybe xmas decoration stalls (near Xmas only obvs) , get the brewery down the road a stall, a bit more of a mix. That would be worth going to. And a lot of stalls didn’t come often so it wasn’t even consistent.
Lovely fresh seafood stall that was by Albert would have been perfect for high street on a Saturday. Not there now :pensive:


I’ve messaged King with a very similar message! Directly contacting places/people whether it’s for a one-off or consistent stall from the locale - eg: Tim Bird (comic book artist/writer), the person who does Sydenham Photos on Twitter, the brewery etc. Also those nearby (FH, Penge) not necessarily in Sydenham who can’t afflrd or can’t get into other markets that I presume may be full (horniman/CP) - Penge Food Assembly / Hub attend a lot of one off events in Penge selling their wares/promoting the scheme which has loads of delicious fruit, veg, ready to eat meals, fish, meat, chutneys etc.

Just some examples ideas!


Yes local regular traders, anything from bread to chocolate to tea to crafts or local goods, the book shops in the area, coupled with some street food vendors or a good coffee seller would be perfect. Vegan/veg plus day a sausage seller. Flowers, so many options!! Location would be better at bushopsthorpe too, nearer bus stop, nice little square, close to other shops that get the passing trade, oppo sydenham Centre too.


Definitely agree with all the above. I think a couple of things to consider would be:

Sat/sun - again difficult one - Saturday more people around/available perhaps (both to have a stall and to shop)? (Hence most nearby markets being on this day) vs Sunday where less competition (Horniman and CP are Sat) with perhaps some of those stall holders wanting to be part? No idea which would be “best” but think lots of variables to consider!

Again think a street location with passing trade rather than in a park/pub garden is a must at least to start with and either “pocket square” would be good as long as well advertised including signage on the day. If not then whichever location may have most eyes on it/passing people - middle of high street or venner which has people coming up from station regardless of where they turn and anyone who lives this side of Bishopsthorpe heading over the bridge for whatever reason. No idea which but hopefully won’t matter if banners/signs?!


Hi guys

Thanks for the comments and ideas, all very helpful. And thanks to all who’ve done the survey so far.

Will keep you updated on progress.


I traded at the market, selling photography. Happy to offer advice.


The old market was a great little feature in my neck of the woods. I rather liked the brass band at Christmas time. It’s a shame the market fizzled out.

Kente wasn’t a fan… perhaps we could sort out some pop up conveniences for the new market to go with the pop up food and drink.

Also, a better range of goods people purchase regularly. Taking inspiration from Horniman Market maybe. Good luck @king


Agreed. When it expanded out of Venner people didn’t have a hope of finding the extra stalls. Signage is essential