Best Takeaways in Sydenham?



So where are the best places to get takeaway in the hood?

Fish & Chips :fries: - Curries - Decent kebabs etc etc :slight_smile:


Fave curryhouse (strictly talking SE26 here): Gurkha’s, Greedy Chef and Baraka

Fave fish and chips - Little Mermaid (I think they call themselves) on Kirkdale (near 161 food and drink)

Fave kebab - Selim

Fave sandwiches - Blue Mountain

Did really like the Caribbean / Jerk place opposite Lidl which is no longer and haven’t tried Jerk Garden past the lovely gallery but looks like it’d be pretty tasty!


Had Fish and Chips last night in Kirkdale - good option! :slight_smile: My favourite in the area is Brockleys Rock, they voted in top 100 in UK!!


Definitely Gurkhas for curry


I used to like Gurkhas and was going to go again recently until I saw it’s Food hygiene rating was a 2 out of 5 meaning improvements necessary!

Wouldn’t go there until they sort that out.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve heard good things but that is certainly off putting.