Best Sydenham Newcomer Business 2018 - Nominations


We’ll soon run a poll to find Sydenham’s best newcomer business of 2018.

First, we’d like your nominations. Please edit this topic to add any business we missed:

Business Location
Artisan Kidz Kirkdale
Bottlecave Sydenham Sydenham Road
Ignition Brewery Sydenham Centre
Nandos Cobbs Corner
Poodle Club Sydenham Road
The Greyhound Kirkdale
UR-iD Sydenham Road


Poodle Club Opened mid December last year but think that’s good enough! (Especially as think was a soft opening and not much over those first few weeks)


There is also the ID print shop on the high street and the artisan kidz thing in Kirkdale and the fancy “ freight” homeware shop there too but don’t know exact names right now.


Thanks @JMLF - Poodle Club can definitely make the cut :+1: As for Freight, it looks like this opened last year

I added UR-iD and Artisan Kidz


Just remembered bottlecave opened this year too (checked). Don’t think much more but still good going considering bar calabash of culture and fig and pistachio there weren’t many independent closures


Don’t know whether it can be called a business or when it started, but there’s that seafood enterprise that operates from the Alfred pub in Sydenham Road.


Is it time to bump the best pub thread? Unless any change since I last looked it’s been stuck at 35 votes for some time.


Thanks for the suggestion. Just checked and Ell’s Eels was around in 2017

Have bumped the best pub poll. Do share the link on social media to help spread the word :+1:


Think would be great - though a shortlist and nothing is ever certain to have a most looking forward to vote for 2019;

  • dragonfly yoga studio
  • Mamma dough
  • Zigghys coffee


Voting begins! Poll: Sydenham's Best Newcomer 2018