Bell Green neighbourhood forum draft boundaries

The Bell Green neighbourhood forum launch has been beset with people dragging their feet, so I thought I’d post my own draft boundaries. The decision to actually open the forum would be after a full democratic consultation, and all residents get a vote.

I’d really welcome a discussion about my suggested boundaries; which streets are affected by current and future developments at Bell Green?

For starters, my reasons for the suggested boundaries are:

  1. The stretch of Sydenham Road, east of the Kent House Road junction, was previously called Bell Green.

  2. Including the Linear Park right up to Catford allows environmental improvements to the River Pool, enhancing its biodiversity, and its emergency floodwater storage capacity. The approximate flood plain is marked in pale blue.

  3. Including Southend Park allows for the renaturalisation of the river, which flows under the park in a brick culvert.

  4. Including the whole stretch of Linear Park allows for potential upgrades of foot /cycle bridges across the railway and river into Bellingham.

  5. The inclusion of the main feeder routes into Bell Green, affected by any future traffic growth.

Let’s start the discussion here, while we wait for public meetings to restart.

I’d love to hear all your thoughts and suggestions on the draft boundaries…

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