Bell green gas smell / spray?

Hi all went over to bell green on Friday and smelled a gas smell why going over to b and q, then on Sunday morning about six popped to McDonald’s and could see like a spray I took a picture just wondering if anyone knows what’s going on.


Hi @Hayley_Heffernan - it could relate to this: Bell Green to smell of bubble gum

I thought that when I see that post but I could smell gas quite strong over the weekend. I’m so nosey.

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Yes my young family walked under the spray. Slightly worried as no idea what it was

@Hayley_Heffernan @Smilon - response from the company performing the work:

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Thank you very much.

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yes it stinks all Up Perry Rise in the wind and around the flats by sports direct but the bubblegum stuff does help lessen it. It is very sickly though when you can smell it in your house.

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It’s still going on was on Monday when I popped up. Wonder how long will this be Going on for.

Any idea when it might stop? Very sickly smell…!

I,m getting really sick of this gas smell and its masking agent.I think those of us who live in Lower Sydenham have had more than enough building works/ noise/ inconvenience/ dirt in the last 4 years- high time the attention was shared with other parts of Sydenham I think.