Anyone lose a drone?

A drone landed in our garden and so far, nobody has claimed it. Let me know if it’s yours

Yes someone posted on the Baxter’s field Facebook group! A boy is very sad! Let me see if I can link this up.

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Hi! It looks like my nephews drone. Please can I get your address so my sister can come with him and have a look? She will bring the box so you they can double check!
Gosh would be so good if it’s his! He was so sad!

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Hiya - I believe it’s ours. It flew out of reach from Panmure Road last Saturday so would love to check it out pls. We have the box for it to confirm and all other parts. Thank you.

That’s great :grinning: I am at 26 Kirkdale. Come round any time :sunglasses:

Blimey that travelled quite a distance out of control then. Does it have a camera on board? I live on the between those two locations, so obviously I’m concerned, as I’m sure my neighbours would be.

I have a good drone, it is registered, it has a very good camera. From the, minimum, height of 50 meters anything you can take a photo of is pretty blurred when you blow it up. I wouldn’t be concerned about a kids drone which may, at best, have a 720p camera.

It will see about as much as Google Earth.

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There’s no need to be concerned as it’s a toy drone without any cameras

Also we are at the beginning of Panmure so that’s hardly any distance to Kirkdale

I’m uphill of you between Panmure Road and No.26. So you will have passed over my house either to front or back. But hopefully lessons have been learned now.