A tree comes to Kirkdale

Continuing the discussion from Kirkdale Christmas Tree Cancelled:

Phew … we have a tree!

Not the tallest Christmas tree in the world. A tree rejected as too small by another part of Lewisham. But saved by the lovely folk at Lewisham’s Highways department and at Skanska and coming to grace the pavement near the Woodman in the next few days.

So a rescue tree rescues Kirkdale’s Christmas. It may be a tiddler to some but I’m sure we’ll welcome and cherish it.

The installation costs are being met mostly by SEE3 and FH Councillors, with a local resident top up. Huge thanks to Geoff Tice at Highways and Adam Benham at Skanska, to our lovely FH Ward Assembly Coordinator Maya Onyett for finding money in the coffers and of course to SEE3 and to FH Councillors.

And thanks to this forum for the support and encouragement.


Hooray!!! :christmas_tree::star_struck:

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Hi marymck

Is the local resident top up the one offered by me (Bryan @RaisedbyBears)? If so hooray! Glad I could help as a new resident - get in touch so I know who and when to pay.

If not, then my donation can be used to cover the £116+ for the Skanska costs if you need?



That is so kind of you Bryan @raisedbybears. But how it broke down in the end is that the tree itself didn’t cost us anything as the Council had bought it for Rushey Green but it was too small for them. So Highways and Skanska saved it for us.

The Skanska fee was £1319.94 (a bit more than I thought, but that includes attending for a switch on event).

That was covered by £500 donation from SEE3 (thanks to Annabel McLaren and Chris Best)
Maya Onyett (FH Assembly Coordinator) found £780.06 in the FH Ward Councillors Discretionary Fund that had not been spent and the FH Councillors said we could have it towards the Skanska fee.
That left a shortfall of just £39.88 which I said I’d make up. But if you’d like to contribute that Bryan that would be extremely kind. (No pressure though).

What would be great when the dust of Christmas has settled is to get our heads together about starting a fund/looking for a sponsor to buy a permanent living Christmas tree to be planted in as part of a scheme to green up that wide and potentially lovely stretch of pavement.

Oh and welcome to Kirkdale!


Absolutely happy to cover the shortfall. And yes, lets chat to see how we can have a living tree planned in for 2020!


That’s really kind of you Bryan. Thank you on both counts! I will PM you.

What is the £1300 for specifically ?

It’s the fee to Skanska, who have the contract with the council. They erect the tree, rig the lights, do the switch on, deal with any problems during the time the tree’s up, derig and remove the tree and make good. It’s actually not bad when you find out what’s involved.

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Fair enough :). Obviously sounds like a lot as a headline figure. But I see what you mean. Who’d have thought Christmas tree could be as expensive though. You could get 5 street trees planted with the same money

Which is one of the reasons it would be great to get a living Christmas tree for next year. The initial costs of that would be more - and it would need looking after - but if we start on a plan in the new year and can tie it in with much needed remedial and green barrier works to the pavement, it will keep the costs down in years to come.