A new proposal for Bell Green


Continuing the discussion from Bell Green Gas Holder Demolition, 7th January 2019:

Notes from the meeting of Discourse Architecture, Sydenham Society and local Councillors regarding a new community consultation and proposal for development of Bell Green:

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Bell Green Redevelopment - Public Meeting

Strikes me that requesting that SGN only remove the moving parts of the holders and dewatering and back filling the tanks with inert safe materials would be the best way forward.

In the most part SGN would have cleared the site and made it safe in their eyes.

The part of the site the is wanted to be retained are the Livesey building and the gasholder guide frames. Both of which would then be given more time for discussion, local interest and developer input.



Very sensible points. While you are backfilling the tanks, would it be possible to do a ground heat recovery thingy? It might even produce some power… No idea about the technicalities, but it would be good to hear from someone who does know…



Wonder when that first pic in the twitter post was taken. The bowling green looks almost nice, whereas now it looks like someone decided to let it rot to demonstrate that development would be better than what exists. The removal of leisure facilities doesn’t seem to have raised its head, because they’ve been ruined to the point of dereliction. You also see cars parked in the old tennis courts, demonstrating that there is plenty of parking availability for the Livesey, if they made any effort to direct visitors there instead of turning a blind eye to the double yellow/ bus stop/ pavement parking.

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By all means post up your pictures illustrating how the site has been run down by the owners of you feel it’s important. I don’t seem to have as much free time as you do.

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it is good to have some initiatives to move forward but to my mind there needs to be some audit of how we have got into such a mess with where we are only so we do not make the same mistakes twice- i am not talking about blaming people but to give an obvious example the litter the new shops would generate does not seem to have been factored into the commissioning of services and rental agreements with the retailers last time around. The aesthetics of the area seem to have been given no consideration. Pedestrian access was not thought through. We don’t want to be making the same mistakes twice.



News about an open meeting will follow ASAP!


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Discussion continues here: Bell Green Redvelopment - Public Meeting