Archived on 6/5/2022

Mayor unveils contactless donation points

28 Nov '18

Quite a good idea IMO, encouraging people to give to charities that help the homeless off the street - as opposed to people giving cash directly to homeless people and potentially encouraging them to stay on the street.

What’s the feeling on this new contactless donation model?

28 Nov '18

Obviously there can be the usual discussions which charities should money go to, how to help best and how much money goes to charity v admin etc. All of that aside from the pure convenience point of view and reflecting today’s way of life it is totally necessary. Make it as easy as possible for people to help/donate. I appreciated during the poppy appeal that some also had contactless payment options which was great as had spent a week walking past a stand constantly thinking 'Oh I have to remember to get cash. Tap and I had my poppy.

29 Nov '18

has a running total of the donations so far. Was £1431 when I looked this evening. This seems low, especially as Sadiq Khan has put his weight behind the project