Archived on 6/5/2022

New report on effectiveness of 20mph limits

24 Nov '18

The report:

In light of this report, how do you feel about Lewisham’s blanket 20mph limit?

24 Nov '18

I find it staggering that Lewisham have wasted money on rolling this out without a pilot and without any evidence to back it up.The buses crawl even more slowly than they used to especially the 176. Even without evidence re the effectiveness of 20mph limits, logic would dictate that if people are speeding may be they don’t speed in accordance with any speed limits but drive as fast as they like! Another example of ideology over effectiveness.

18 Jan '19

A recent Council Meeting has revealed some stats on the effectiveness of the blanket 20mph limit.



The budget for 2018-2020 is roughly £1,168,988.

A 0.5 mph reduction has been achieved so far. No evidence forthcoming of improvements in safety.

Let’s see what happens next…