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Sydenham SE26 Community Jumble Trail Sun 11th June 10am - 4pm

5 May '17

Hello welcome to Sydenham!

I’m organising my first Jumble Trail for a bit of fun & old community spirit. On Sunday 11th June 10am - 4pm. Save the date. You can take part by buying or selling old treasures.

A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but it’s on your street, communities co-ordinate to set up stalls outside their houses to sell bric-a-brac, toys, vintage clothes, cakes etc. It’s a good excuse to declutter and you have 36 days!

The whole thing is coordinated online at providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in your neighbourhood.

If you’re thinking of signing up to the Sydenham & Friends Jumble Trail – do it now! The more sign ups, the more it encourages others in your area to do the same, the more visitors you get & the more fun you have & the more stuff you sell. Recruit your friends & neighbours it’s going to be a fab day in SE26! Spread the word!

It would be great to get 50-100 stalls, some people playing some tunes, amazing food, art & crafts!

It’s only £4 per stall (this is to cover printing costs & Jumble Trail to run their website).

We’ll start distributing flyers to local businesses asap!

Add your stall to the map here!!

Twitter: @jumbletrail #SE26jumble
Facebook page: See Jumble Trail Events page (Sydenham Jumble Trail)

5 May '17

Hi @syddersisters and welcome to Great idea, great post - thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

6 May '17

sounds great :slight_smile: i hope to come!

17 May '17

Hi everyone just to let you know we have 5 brilliant people signed up, it’s going to even better if we can more & more people. I’ve been challenged to get more sign ups! Add your stall to the map asap, if there is enough in time we’ll print maps up. Let’s do this Sydenham!

Sign up here:

22 May '17

Ooh I love it!! I wonder whether I’ll have time to get organised for the 11th! Any stalls signed up on Burghill?

22 May '17

Hello yes please do set up a stall on ASAP on Burghill Road! It will encourage others to do it too! It would be amazing if we can get lots of people involved. All you need is to pull out some stuff to sell throughout the day and maybe put some music on!

24 May '17

Hello I’ve just learnt West Norwood’s Jumble Trail gets over 100+ stalls, if we can get 25+ it would be amazing, I hope you’ll read this and sign Sydenham neighbours!

To register go to -
click on the ‘join’ button

This is a community event, organised by locals and open to everyone.

It’s easy to be involved – register, choose you place on the map and set up a stall in your front garden, selling your unwanted items, or pop around the neighbours’ garden to purchase from them.

It’s £4 for a stall, this goes towards printing, promotion and supporting the website.{"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"page\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"page_upcoming_events_card\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

24 May '17

Hiya, I will have a chat with the family this weekend as I’m away at a funeral til Friday. I know they will be keen as we have tons of stuff but I teach til 1 on Saturdays so i have to make sure we can man it. I will definitely confirm by Sunday, and if I do, I will go round my neighbours and tell them about it! It will help everyone!!
Marisa x
26 May '17

Nine stalls signed up so far:

To join them, click here for more details:

31 May '17

whoopee! We now have 12 locals running a yard sale and we’ve just printed 2,000 leaflets so I can give you some to post around on your road. It will encourage others to do the same! We have 10 days to go. Sunday 11th June

Also for anyone who wants to volunteer to distribute leaflets, help or thinking about setting up a stall, playing music, run any feature events, paint faces, bake cakes, write an article, design the final poster, come for a chat we are having a planning meeting on Monday 5th June at The Golden Lion front room at 7pm - 9pm.

Probably should have done this a bit earlier but I think we still have time the more people taking part the better.

The lovely people who run the B&G Cafe Choir are planning to do a performance at Mayow Park too on the Jumble Trail day! Time TBC!

5 Jun '17

Reminder to all - planning meeting is tonight.

6 Jun '17

Wicked wicked Jumble is massive! 25 locals running a yard sale. We have 4 days to go & a sunny forecast! Sunday 11th June. If you want to be on the trail map which we will put into local shops tomorrow is the day to sign up otherwise you will miss the print run! Upload your stall photos on Facebook or Twitter or Jumble Trail by editing your stall!

Still time for anyone who wants to volunteer to distribute leaflets, help or thinking about setting up a stall, playing music, run any feature events, paint faces, bake cakes, write an article, design the final poster let us know!


8 Jun '17

Hooray the final event map has gone to print with over 31 stalls - see here! If any volunteers can drop these off in local shops tomorrow PM / weekend let me know.

We’d love as many people in the community to explore, make friends and invite their friends to come. Grab a beer & the Jumble Trail map from BOB Wine then head on the sunny trail!

Also Brown & Green’s Cafe Choir will be doing a special performance at Mayow Park at 1.30pm so check it out. They are looking for more singers.

More stalls might pop up on the day so keep your eyes out, check social media under #Sydenham and the our Jumble Trail page listed above!