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Running Partner(s) - Weekends (Flexible) Early Mornings & some Evenings

10 Nov '18


I posted once last year looking for running partners in the Sydenham / Forest Hill / Dulwich area but was then away with work for a few months and didn’t follow it up.

I’m now back home for the whole of the Winter and would love to find a regular running partner or group to kick start me back into fitness again! I’m not ready for 10k yet but can certainly run around 5k at the currently.

I live in Sydenham Hill but can meet wherever is best.

Ideally weekends or Early Mornings (anytime) and possibly some Evenings.

If anyone can also recommend any running Trainers for occasional one 2 one sessions, please let me know.

Thanks, Charlotte !

10 Nov '18

Have you tried GoodGym? Highly recommended friendly running group with good deeds at their heart!

10 Nov '18

Hello there is Parkrun in Crystal Palace park every Sunday morning. A community group .organized by runners .worst a try .they run 5k . I am a runner but I do run more than 5k so no good for me but I guess is this what you are looking for? If hou like events check Run through UK . Worst a try. I will run 10k tomorrow with them in Crystal Palace park ! :wink: .Hope it helps. Sabrina

10 Nov '18

Join our Facebook group ‘Girls that run sydenham and penge’ it’s exactly for this purpose! x

11 Nov '18

Thanks Richard, looks like a great cause and will certainly explore GoodGym!

Thanks Sabrina - I’m aware of Park Run but was looking for something with smaller group and flexible times. I yet to have to do the Saturday 9am 5k run but really should!

Thanks Pippa - Joining the group now, sounds perfect!