Archived on 6/5/2022

Lost cat, near Sydenham station

9 Nov '18

Hi everyone, my cat Milo has recently moved in to my flat on Peak Hill Gardens. He is 2 years old and almost all white, except for a small patch of tabby on the top of his head and a fluffy tabby tail. He managed to sneak out through I tiny crack in a window while I was sleeping. He’s not been gone for long and he’s used to going outside but this is completely new territory for him so he’s probably very confused and nervous!

If you have seen him please let me know! His previous owners hadn’t got him microchipped and I hadn’t had the chance yet! I’d be extremely grateful if you could contact me if you’ve seen him. I want to get him home safe and sound ASAP.

Thank you!

Mobile no.: 07940990990

10 Nov '18

Good luck! Same thing happened when I first got my rescue cat (who looks just like this picture - Turkish Van?) and I left food out and he eventually came back. I don’t think he has gone far but was rather scared so needed coaxing back. Fingers crossed for you and Milo.