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29 Oct '18

Continuing the discussion from SE26.Life recommendation:

We’re keen to hear from our members now has been up and running for a while:

What would you like to see do differently? How could we improve our forum to better serve Sydenham residents?

1 Nov '18

Perhaps take a leaf out of forum and forge connections with the Sydenham equivalent of Sgt Biddle and other figures in public life?

Take a leaf out of Penge Tourist Board and have votes for annual competitions such as best shop, takeaway, pub, restaurant, garden etc?

But above all please stick rigidly to your SE23 policy of not allowing the forum or any part of it to be used as a platform for political campaigns.

4 Nov '18

Great ideas, thanks Ann.

I have previously tried reaching out to the Sydenham MPS on Twitter and to the councillors. Hopefully they’ll see the benefits of joining as we grow the reach of the forum. Perhaps a poster / leaflet campaign to start. I’ll get onto that.

And a series of “best of 2018” votes is also a great idea. I’ve started with pubs (nominations this week, and then I’ll run the vote till December).

5 Nov '18

I think the voting thing is a great idea but one thing that’s even nicer is the winners/runners-up get decals to put in their shop windows (a bit like the time out love local awards). I have floated the idea of this and/or the heritage “blue plague” decals around Crystal Palace as something which would unite the high street a little, spark it up a little bit but as things like this cost money and I assume like the failed mural project there would be a bit of hoopla about the “awards” and whether enough people were given a platform to vote/time to vote etc. to merit and award sticker in a shop front… I think I brought up both to local councillors and Sydenham Society at various points as well as in the other forum.

On a seperate note, I really like the layout, userbility and links aspect of the .life website with regards to promoting local things across a number of platforms easily.