Archived on 6/5/2022

@SE26_tweets: a Twitter bot for Sydenham

5 Oct '18

I’ve written a little bot that listens out for people talking about Sydenham, and retweets the most relevant tweets:

If anyone has ideas for this bot, I’m interested to hear.

Thanks :thumbsup:


Filter out low-quality tweets

:white_check_mark: Throttle tweets from over-tweeters

:white_check_mark: Follow human-curated list of “tastemaker” tweeters to analyse which accounts / content they like/retweet

:white_large_square: Identify high quality tweeters via like_rate/follower_count and RT_rate/follower_count

Filter out mentions of SE26 that aren’t about the postcode

:white_check_mark: Use following/followers of user to see if they’re in the clique of relevant local users

:white_large_square: Use DBPedia (Wikipedia interface for bots) to identify keywords related to Sydenham

Filter repetitive social media spamming

:white_check_mark: Manually curated - mute and retract RT

:white_check_mark: Identify spam tweets by proportion of hashtags

:white_check_mark: Filter tweets with text matching earlier tweets (from any account)

:white_large_square: Bayesian filter?

Reduce repetition of the same news

:white_large_square: Natural language processing to extract semantics and keywords, then compare to previous tweets. See

Filter Obcenities

:white_check_mark: Word blacklist?

:white_large_square: Bayesian filter?

Filter non-English / non-local tweets

:white_check_mark: Language filter

:white_large_square: Bayesian filter?

Prevent gaming

:white_check_mark: Human curation (blocking bad actors)

:white_large_square: Whitelist accounts by analysing quality metrics (e.g. average like count per tweet per follower count)? New / spam accounts will have low scores for these metrics.

6 Oct '18

Not sure about filtering non-English IF you have all the other filters working well - there could be a Non-native English speaker looking for support / social groups / meet-ups with people from same background etc?

Just a thought and doubtful there would be loads of non-English tweets about Sydenham/SE26 anyways?

6 Oct '18

Thanks for the feedback Jon. Perhaps there is scope for more bots that each act for a different languages and cater for different communities within Sydenham.

17 Oct '18