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Which shops/cafes do you use the most?

29 Apr '17

Hello, I thought it would be interesting to find out which shops or cafes people in Sydenham tend to use the most? (ie. not necessarily the ones you love the most but the ones you always seem to find yourself in - although it can be both!).

My top three most frequented are:
Well being
Fresh & Fruity
PFC Food Centre

I used Co-op a lot when it was there but alas no more.

30 Apr '17

On The Hoof bistro in Sydenham Road.

30 Apr '17

I love -
Sydenham DIY (think I was in there most days when i was doing the building work on the shop)
161 Kirkdale - Fizzy Red Wine - need I say more!
PFC - Their lamb kofta, hummus & olives
The Post Office, nice & handy for my online orders
& Dulwich Rec on Kirkdale - Some people might think they are my competition but we are a friendly bunch & we say the more vintage shops the merrier. This includes Wild Horses on Dartmouth Road but i realise thats not really SE26!

1 May '17
  • Sydenham DIY yes, because I can ask dumb blonde questions and they not only know what I mean, they have it in stock
  • 161 Kirk for an evening out with my spouse
  • The shop that used to be Londis opposite Kirkdale Costcutter (keeps changing its name) because the Kurdish owner is always friendly but better still, sells the best Earl Grey tea ever.
  • Kirkdale Books, not just for reads; a reliable source of birthday cards etc, and a big contributor to the local culture.
2 May '17

We are regulars at Mabel’s (almost every weekend- our house is starting to resemble the shop…) and love it.

The bookshop on kirkdale is great, an eclectic selection and some fab second hand bargains.

161 is our local, brunch and a cheeky vino (or take out) and hoping to make it for a wine tasting soon.

Further down the high street we are regulars at BOB, and do most of our weekly shop at fresh and fruity and billings.

Love shopping local and getting to know the community we live in

2 May '17

We love Mabel’s too – wonderful selection and great prices. Always popping in for something.

Penge International Foods is a dream for interesting ingredients.

For restaurants, Hibagon, On the Hoof, 161 Kirkdale.

Fig and Pistachio for the best coffee and quiche around.

3 May '17

Bob’s wines has been life changing!
Love Wellbeing, Billings, Kirkdale bookshop, Fresh and Fruity and Whites Pet Shop.
The kids love Cherry and Ice - great ice-cream selection.

4 May '17

Thank you - a visit from Hetty always brighten my Saturday (& you guys too!)

5 May '17

We’ll be in tomorrow hopefully :smile: