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Dragonfly Yoga Studio [Now open]

15 Sep '18

Location: High Street, Zanara Court commercial space (just next to bottlecave and opposite on the hoof give or take)

It’s for Dragonfly Yoga who have one location in Brockley - my wife goes and says the standard of classes/teachers are brilliant.

They did have an application in a few months back which disappeared (not the rejected palavar which was another studio/location)- not show why/what happened - but amazing news it may be back on, both from a selfish point of you and a high street point of view! Something different, that will be (I imagine) well used by the community :grin:

Vive la sydalution!

Just looked it up a little for anyone/everyone’s benefit:

DC/18/108525 is the application reference and/or the lewisham website for providing any comments you may have about the applicaroom - think you need to leave your full name and address for “validity” if emailing :+1:

26 Nov '18

Good news - permission granted!

DC_18_108525-Decision_Notice-744565.pdf (90.5 KB)

26 Nov '18

Feels a lot longer than “2 months later” lol. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly for them. Really looking forward to it from a selfish perspective!

1 Dec '18

Dragonfly Yoga Studio 2nd Space coming soon to 24 Sydenham Rd SE26 5QW


3 Dec '18

Just for your information the studio is hoping to be up and running in the new year should all run smoothly. They are not currently selling memberships / class passes for the Sydenham allocation but are hoping to from January when they will have a better idea of opening date!

7 Jan '19

Just a little update. The studio (dragonfly yoga) have told me they are currently hoping to be open around the end of February. Class passes/membership for the Sydenham location will not be available until towards the time of opening.

7 Jan '19

Thanks for sharing. I hope they will offer Pilates as well as yoga classes?

3 Feb '19

Spotted on Facebook, some info on the yoga studio and classes:

20 Feb '19

Work at the new Sydenham Yoga Studio! Shape the community!

17 Mar '19
17 Mar '19

Crowdfunder coming soon…

18 Mar '19

The crowdfunder is now live! I would seriously recommend watching the video as well as read the article as posted previously by @MichMich - which gives an insight into the whole not for profit project which has a real emphasis on a safe space to promote athletics and well-being in young people (not just yoga). In addition the plans look amazing and the space is a huge fairly diverse project (coffee bit, shop, massage rooms, yoga studio, athletics training)

21 Mar '19
23 Mar '19

Support the crowdfunding campaign and help turn a commercial space into a community one

(please watch and help make a difference)


24 Mar '19

I think they should improve their messaging. It sounds like “we have a building and we want you to pay to refurbish it. In return we’ll do some community stuff”. I’m fairly sure that’s not quite what their were aiming for or about. Maybe watching the video helps but most people won’t get that far.

25 Mar '19

Yes pilates too! Have a look on dragonfly-yoga website see what they offer!

23 Mar '19

Hello ,

I am writing from Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Brockley . We are a fundraising activity for GMAX Trackstars Charity and we have 23 days to raise £30,000 to refurbish a 2 story yoga studio in Sydenham. OUR crowdfunder campaign is NOW LIVE and I wanted to reach out to Sydenham for your kind support for our new CROWFUNDER CAMPAIGN and in return you also have the chance of winning one of many of our Boutique raffle prizes! We would be able to promote Sydenham community as an advocate for GMAX Trackstars charity. Raffle prizes such as sweaty Betty or Barrys bootcamp vouchers, massages, yoga mats and many more are available to be won!

Would you be interested in donating please? Or alternatively, if you are able to share this to your social media or friends!
Clink on link to donate.

GMAX charity provides athletic training on the track and field for youngsters who want to excel in sports and life opportunities! GMAX would like to incorporate yoga into some of their training and encourage kids to take part in Athletics as they have seen so many kids progress already. GMAX would like to to enhance awareness over the dangers out there for young children at the moment if they take the wrong route and so we want to make our community a safer place! We want to keep these kids out of trouble and provide new facilities and spaces for these children to train in and give them the chance to excel in Sports outside of School P.E and the core curriculum. Where have all the youth clubs gone!?

We have created a Crowdfunder campaign that will help to raise funds to refurbish a BRAND NEW Yoga studio in the heart of Sydenham High street ( South East London )! Through this special type of crowdfunding your help could truly make a change for the amazing children of London! If we manage to raise £30,000 through Crowdfunding, our new Yoga Studio which will expand over two large floors and will include Yoga classes, Athletic training and a Retail shop. All profits from the new Yoga Studio will fund GMAX Trackstars Academy Charity which will provide athletic programmes for children of all abilities.

The GMAX coaches are passionate and are dedicated to their athletes. We have even seen athletes develop into being ranked number one nationally. With less focus on youth clubs, this project allows young people to take part in physical activity no matter how much money your parents have ! GMAX is a charity based organisation that is on a mission to develop Olympic and Paralympic athletes ! ‘From Playground to Podium’ we want to put the great back into Great Britain and supportthe youth of today and represent our local community !

With this local community fundraising activity, the long-term goal is to create more safe environments to help disadvantaged children reach their full potential. In return, we will refurbish our brand new 2 storey Dragonfly Yoga Studio on Sydenham High street for all abilities!

Of course, with any generous and kind donation, we will promote Sydenham community over all of our Social Media Platforms in ! Virgin Money giving, Facebook, twitter, Instagram . If you also have any advice on whom I may contact for donations i.e HR or Marketing, please do let me know as I will contact them!

Best Regards,

Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Instagram: @dragonfly_yoga_london

Twitter: @DFYogaLondon



Dragonfly Yoga Studio

26 Mar '19

For those interested they have just added a few rewards - one of which is for a discounted 12 session pass for Yoga/Pilates/Meditation sessions at Sydenham.

27 Mar '19

Dragonfly Yoga Studio just posted a new reward !£75 for a

12 Class Pack! (Value per class: £6.25, Valid for 3 months from the date you attend your first class). That’s basically 50% off so get entering into our Raffle prizes now!

27 Mar '19

Great I think these type of rewards will be on more interest to some. Although higher value it also enables use of new facility and hopefully means attracting customers in the long run. Already entered one of the raffles but shall review this after payday! :wink:

27 Mar '19

Hot off the press - a new reward will be going up soon provided/inked to The Greyhound! :slight_smile:

28 Mar '19

Our raffle has just been updated with some new prizes including a delicious meal out with friends at our local pub in #sydenham … The #greyhoundpub You could win 4 MAIN COURSES AND A BOTTLE OF WINE with as little as £10 donation, Get donating for Sydenham #dragonflyyoga now guys! Only 17 days left!

All donations for the new Sydenham studio go towards the GMAX tracksters Charity.

8 Apr '19

Dear Sydenham Locals,

7 days LEFT!! ENTER NOW!

My name is Rebecca, I want to thank you personally for your encouragement for the new 2 storey Yoga Studio on SYDENHAM HIGH STREET/. All profits go towards GMAX Trackstars Charity helping our youthful community!

\ 240x140 Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Dragonfly Yoga Studio offers small group yoga and Pilates classes in the heart of Brockley, South East London. Only a 5 minute walk from Brockley station, come and experience our dynamic and challenging classes, as well as our deeply relaxing and uplifting sessions.

We are however compelled to try and crowdfund (see link) as a shortage of £30k has slowed our re-fit activity. We have only 7 days left and have only just raised over £1,500. I was wondering if you would kindly be interested in making a small financial donation as well just to boost our target! We would like to offer you advertisement and marketing for your company and will promote you all over our social media platforms if you are happy to agree? We can also discuss some special bonus’s for your company with your donation? Alternatively, if you enter our raffle on the crowdfunding link (above) you have the chance of winning some amazing prizes!

Please View our Campaign video

We have decided to appeal to our corporate supporters to see if they are willing to make a capital donation to get us across the line. Any donation little or large would be deeply appreciated.

We can no longer wait for the government to stop talking and take action on our disadvantaged youths… crime is on the rise and our children are in potential danger - GMAX gives children a safe space for sport and fun.


Opening the summit on Monday, the Prime Minister said tackling anti-social behaviour is a “priority” for ministers. She assembled more than 100 experts to explore the scope and impact of new ideas while kick-starting a further programme of action.

I am very frustrated with the government that all over again it’s a case of “when all is said and done, more is said than done”.

Gmax has determinedly been active like so many other community organisations, delivering sports programs which has proven evidence-based data that shows a correlation in the positive impact sports has on youth as a divertive mechanism away from anti-social behaviour.

Due to the government funding cuts we have taken innovative steps to become an independent agency by developing a business model for our charity that will create funding sustainability to continue our program delivery without concern of funding limitations or total cut from the government year on year.

With your support we have succeeding to see our project of turning a commercial space into a community one come to life.

We have work to do in delivering our Programs:

  • Playground to Podium
  • Beyond The Blade
  • Putting the Great back into GB Athletics

Thank you for your time,


2 May '19

Just a wee update for the forum - the project got a one month extension on crowdfunder for the Gmax trackstars portion of the project and is heading towards its final week shortly - here is the link for donations/rewards including the £75 12 class pass which lasts 3 months and raffles for 4 courses and a bottle at the greyhound, beers from bottlecave and more:

Unofficially I’ve been told the plan is for the studio to be open next month at the latest but if things progress swiftly maybe even the end of this month.

27 May '19

It’s coming everyone!!!

30 May '19

There is a great starting offer package of £35 for a month to see what you fancy/like. Classes work out at £10 each when buying a class pass and prices are a little more than the Brockley Location, which I think is due to overheads for the bigger space/high street location. My wife has been to the Brockley one which is quite a small single room in an industrial estate sort of area.

Very excited/can’t wait and no more excuses for me not to get a bit fitter/healthier!

12 Jun '19

Looking humongous and sparkly new!

12 Jun '19

Do you know what the set up is for the pass bought during the fundraising campaign?

12 Jun '19

The said in an email to me that they would add on the pass to my dragonfly yoga account (you sign up via email to the app to book classes etc.). This was only after aI had contacted them rather than the other way mind! I also think provided its not fully booked (which doubt it would be initially as just starting out) I assume you could just turn up maybe and on your first session they will log it as the start of your pass.

On a side note the reason I emailed was to see if I could get the intro pass of one month for £35 (I didn’t think I’d be banned because of paying for the crowdfunder pass but didn’t want their systems getting confused by them maybe starting both passes at the same time on the date of my first session.

Long story short they said no problem and that I’ll have the intro £35 for unlimited 1 month pass and then following that they will add on to my account the pass I bought through the crowdfunder.

Yep. Really investing in trying to stop my body from continuing to be a wreck!

15 Jun '19

Very happy to learn about the opening of Dragonfly studio. Hope to join it soon.

16 Jun '19

Same problem - no follow up from Crowdfund donation and want to book.

16 Jun '19 And scroll down. You have to download an app which takes bookings/payments/shows timetables etc.

The log-in/app name is:
Dragonfly Yoga Studio Brockley by MINDBODY, Incorporated but I can’t seem to get the direct link to the AppStore on here.

Until the end of the month if you use “hafpricecode” when purchasing any pass you get unsurprisingly half price!

My wife went to a class yesterday and I’m heading to one today. The studios are downstairs and the area upstairs (street level) is big and a bit sparse with seats and a few plants. I’m guessing they need the space for people waiting for classes (as there isn’t space downstairs) but I wonder whether they might turn part of it into a little equipment shop or drinks/snacks station etc maybes. Who knows. Only been open a few days so will see but I doubt classes are anything less than excellent and there are a lot of classes with different teachers too which is always nice as I’ve been to other classes where I’ve liked the type of yoga but really didn’t get on with the type of teacher!

16 Jun '19

The dragonfly team have now applied the bookings to my account.
Looking forward to my first class

17 Jun '19

Thanks for the advice now all been added to account so next step- attend classes :grin:
Did have to follow up with email to get it all added to account, ideally would have hoped for them to be more proactive from their side rather than have to follow up but aware probably hands full with new opening.

22 Jun '19

Just thought I’d throw up some pictures of athletes using the studio today (courtesy of gmax trackstars Instagram):

1 Dec '19

I went there this Saturday for their charity class - It was warm and welcoming and the place was really busy with a christmas event. Would love to try out one of their yoga classes soon.