Archived on 6/5/2022

Library needs volunteers!

17 Jul '18

(Copied from another forum)

The Library will be closed this coming Saturday, 21st July, as we are very short of volunteers. Some volunteers are on holiday, some have found jobs!

We would really like more volunteers, including brave people who can open and staff the building, people who can call in for a couple of hours and help the public, people who can offer basic IT training, and even people who will come to tidy the books and chat.

Please ring the library ([020 8778 1753](tel:020 8778 1753)) when it is open (not Wednesdays or Fridays), or call in.

Many members of the public rely on the library for IT, and also as a venue, a meeting place, a place to sit and relax , and a place to borrow books.

17 Jul '18

I am just on my way to my shift at Forest Hill (as it is my closest library). Only started a couple of months ago as a volunteer but has been v enjoyable. All users are always grateful when find out we are only volunteers. The children’s section is used most as well as computers for research and printing. I also like that I don’t have to commit for exact shift every week just sign up for whichever shifts suit me so works well around my actual job & travel. Tasks required are simple enough to pick up quickly and otherwise usually someone else can help answer questions.
So please do try to support Sydenham library!

29 Jan '19

Volunteer at the community library in Sydenham. Lovely books that won’t clutter your house!