Archived on 6/5/2022

CANCELLED: Sydenham 2018 Jumble Sale Trail

6 Jun '18

Hello welcome to Sydenham! I’m organising my second JUMBLE SALE TRAIL on Sunday 19th August 10am - 3pm for a bit of fun & old community spirit. And it’s success relies on helpers and stalls! Last year we had 33 stalls & hundreds of shoppers.

A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but it’s on your street, communities co-ordinate to set up stalls outside their houses to sell bric-a-brac, toys, vintage clothes, cakes etc The whole thing is coordinated online providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in your neighbourhood. It’s only £4 per stall (to cover printing costs)

The more sign ups, the more it encourages others in your area to do the same, the more visitors you get & the more fun you have & the more stuff you sell. Spread the word!

To keep the stall fee at £4, I need you to meet these deadlines please:

10 sign ups by 27th June so can print poster,
29 sign ups by 20th July so I can design & print & distribute a map & for people to collect.

I’m waiting for the page to be approved but in a couple of days you can register you all stall! Please spread the word!

20 Jun '18

HELLO ALL - Sadly the Jumble Trail website has closed down which means organising and galvanising the community from scratch/ or doing a GOOGLE MAPS is possible but will be a huge nightmare which I won’t have time for… it’s so sad as JT was brilliant but it didn’t make enough money for the owner and it look up a lot of her time and she’s studying for a degree…

If you fancy taking this task on feel free to take the reins! So at the moment Sunday 19th Aug is cancelled

I’ll find another way to volunteer in the community so I’m sure I’ll see you around. Maybe I’ll hunt down the local car boot sale to get rid of my stuff… if not Facebook Marketplace is good…
Best wishes