Archived on 6/5/2022

Advice on Regents business centre area

3 Apr '18

Hello SE26 residents! I’m new to the site so apologies if I make a faux pas with my post!

I am looking to move to Sydenham from FH. I’m doing my research into the area and have also been reading through your helpful posts on this site. So…lovely Sydenham residents (and maybe future neighbours) I have a couple of questions regarding the area which I know you will be able to help me with.

I am looking to move to a road near the Greyhound pub roundabout. I’ve heard some stories and read articles and blogs about the infamous Zanzibar. Sorry I’ve probably dragged up some bad memories for you all just as you’ve started moving on. Firstly, I can’t seem to figure out where Zanzibar was located, am i right with thinking it was under the Regents business centre, next to Puregym? Am I also correct in thinking after much appeal it finally got closed down? And finally, if so, is there any potential for this to be turned into another hell on earth for residents? I know you guys are very clued up on planning permissions and future use of buildings.

Zanzibar is/was located very near to the area I am looking to buy so obviously is a concern for me.

Does anybody know what will be in its place? Or if there are any future plans for shops/vacant retail space in and around that hub?

Thanks for your help!

3 Apr '18

Hello, yes you are correct 're Zanzibar location. It is closed down however not sure on future plans or potential. In two years I have been there I haven’t seen anything happen but also live a a bit further up Kirkdale so wouldn’t hear any noise.
The current shop boarded up with the black boards opposite small Sainsbury’s on the roundabout will become a Nandos. At least that is the last i heard and there is a notice stuck to boards which refers to Nandos. Hopefully someone can assist you further on the technical/legal situation of both properties.

4 Apr '18

Thank you very much for your help!