Archived on 6/5/2022

Dartmouth Road Developments - Miriam Lodge/Dartmouth Mews/Police Station

26 Mar '18


Has anyone heard any more on the proposed development (called Dartmouth Mews) on the land next to Miriam Lodge at 185 Dartmouth Road?

It would totally overlook the surrounding houses and ruin privacy, especially for 165-173 Dartmouth Road SE26. Based on the plans I’ve seen part of the proposal was for a 4 story block right at the end of the gardens to 165-173 Dartmouth Road – only 20m from rear of the houses and much taller!

The Sydenham Police Station development is already going to massively impact light to the gardens as it is – on that point I’ve just seen that planning has now gone in for the demolition of the police station which should start in April ( with the timeline for the flat build to take 18 months.

Any news would be great.