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The Greyhound

23 Feb '18

Nice to see place is pretty packed! Had considered a quick one on way home from work but think shall show my support on a less busy night :wink: lets hope the buzz stays

23 Feb '18

Was planning for a swift one but somehow managed to grab a table so stayed for a trifecta!

Lovingly done up on the inside, good selection on taps, menu looks fab and for me surprisingly spacious - almost like some sort of Tardis! I’d say it’s definitely larger than the Dolphin on the inside all in all and that’s not including the room (or rooms?!) that aren’t finished upstairs.

Simply lovely stuff

25 Feb '18

Went for beer Sunday lunch. Good selection available.

Good size footprint but would guess slightly smaller than The Dolphin. It looked like the conservatory area was being used with drapes around the walls.

Good to see it was well attended - no seats available - approx 7 prams and seven dogs complete with trailing leads.

Unfortunately from a hygiene point of view one baby was seated on the bar-top and one family lifted their dog so that it had access to their table.

The dogs and their trailing leads were a nightmare to navigate for staff carrying hot plates and hot food - a potential tripping accident waiting to happen.

Early teething problems that need to be addressed quickly.

Deserves a second visit.

25 Feb '18

Totally agree with you on the hygiene concerns.

This is a category of problem The Greyhound may have difficulty resolving, unfortunately.

As a Dulwich cafe owner found, if you make a polite request to parents on behalf of other customers, you’ll face a disproportionate (IMO) social media backlash:

25 Feb '18

That is difficult.

It would be a huge pity to see the new establishment penalised by an Environmental Health Officer visit from Lewisham council.

I know of at least two first class pubs in Forest Hill and Sydenham who set out their policies clearly and firmly and overcame early problems.

The responsible manager will have to deal with any conflict that arises - EHO’s could punish infringements to the detriment of the business.

16 Mar '18

We had dinner here on mothers day as a treat - mom’s got a free glass of Prosecco which was a nice touch.

Food / service was good considering they’re new and naturally need some time for getting things running smoothly.

Yes - in this day and age you really do need to offer a couple of alcohol free beers at the bar. Even if you only keep a handful in stock - particularly if you’re going after the family friendly vibe.

If really honest - I did find the food a touch on the pricey side (£15 for a Sunday roast) - but appreciate you’re going a bit gastro. Happy to pay the higher price if the quality remains top drawer.

26 Apr '18
27 Apr '18

I went and really liked it. We haven’t eaten there, but it always looks inviting when we pass by (and busy). It’s a great local asset and welcome to Sydenham. With the new Mama Dough Pizza and very funky looking Nando’s opposite Sydenham is starting to look rather proud of itself.

Plus there is an excellent comedy club in Lower Sydenham. Sydenham’s future is looking better now than at any other time I’ve lived here.

24 Jan '19
20 Feb '19

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1 Mar '19

In the South London Press:

1 Mar '19

Had lunch there twice with relatives and found the place and food fantastic, and service very friendly - waiters did their best to find historical information about the building for my dad :smiley:

29 Mar '19

29 Mar '19

Be hard pressed to get a table now I reckon - we booked a couple of weeks back and they could only give us 90 mins at a weird mid afternoon time! Glad they are doing well by all accounts :slight_smile: