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Synopsis of March 2018 mural meeting and plans

9 Mar '18

Continuing the discussion from Sydenham Mural Planning:

I’ll try and keep this brief but address the main things to take forward:

It was agreed that there would be a shortlisting process regardless of the amount of submissions

It was agreed that although the spec is straight forward, should anyone not include something (perhaps due to inexperience or other) and the design is to be shortlisted, the artist will be contacted for the info needed.

The shortlist will comprise of the selected pictures plus the option of no mural with a caveat that should this be the preferred option, the project will continue with a change of spec and/or location

The shortlisting meeting will be an open meeting and the hope is to additionally specifically invite locals involved with art/design

As the design will be key, once/if one is chosen then further discussions/clarifications could take place with regards to the pragmatics of the design becoming reality (e.g.: does repointing/a water barrier need putting into place before the art, are panels to put onto the wall be a feasible option for the artist or cost if fitting with design)

The voting will last a month to ensure more word of mouth and opportunities for those on holiday or who don’t use the internet or the channels we are advertising through to participate. Although this may feel/same longer than initially anticipated, it would be better in a community-sense and the expectation is something will still be happening/reported on every week or so therefore momentum will still be present and ongoing!

The plan is for a number of displays of the shortlist with a ballot box at different locations in Sydenham to support different demographics and areas - at time of writing we have 3 confirmed in TNG youth club (wells park road), Kirkdale Bookshop and Cherry and Ice. The hope is to add a few more to the list.

The three main secondary schools in the area have all been contacted in the hope the students will be involved in the process and a ballot box and shortlist will be available at the schools

The project will be “on show” so to speak at a number of community events such as the Sydenham assembly on Wednesday and the next Sydenham Film Club showing.

Taking into account the shortlisting meeting and printing out of pictures/delivering them to places etc. A rough estimate for the voting process to go live would be around 3-4 weeks (?!).

Other issues such as fundraising/crowdfunding were briefly mentioned but as the selected design (if one is) will now be in approximately 2 months, it was felt this wasn’t an urgent conversation to be had. Some ideas were:
In addition to online to have buckets in shops/buckets on the streets to get word out and to create a more community project feel
Possibly divide the mural into a grid and a cost of £x per square so whatever you contribute (or even your street!) you randomly get assigned a segment that you contributed towards
*some of these ideas were only if the feedback from the vote was low in terms of numbers of people who would contribute to a mural. If it was a decent number it was felt there would be a reduced need to complicate the project.

It was raised some thought needs to take place with regards to the actual figure which will depend on the chosen design plus any admin fees from the online fundraising plus any needed for materials/product for the wall to increase longevity if wanted/required etc.

Lastly pipe dreams ahoy - the idea that a potential yearly crowdfunded mural project could take place (maybe in line with the arts festival?!) and could be in a different location e.g.; Lower Sydenham was also briefly mentioned with anothee idea of this project wall possibly being a wall that changes in the future also e.g.: 5 years a vote could take place to keep or change. If this would be an idea for the future would we need to inform the designer that this may happen etc. And similarly if the design was damaged outside of any warranty would we need to agree beforehand with the artist that the public could try to touch up the work.

I think* that is roughly the main/important points (I stupidly left my notebook at work but didn’t want to wait til Monday so here we are!). If you were present and feel like anything urgent is missing please add, otherwise once again thanks to everyone for being involved in whatever’s capacity.

Keep your eyes peeled for the shortlisting meeting and be there if you want a say! Also please pass on the contact details for any local artists/designers which would be great to have their presence at the meeting.

Have a great weekend all,


14 Mar '19

Discussion continues here: Reigniting the Sydenham Mural