Archived on 6/5/2022

Avoiding “mega-topics”

22 Feb '18

The Sydenham Mural Planning topic has now reached a whopping 115 posts. It includes several aspects of planning, including details of meetings, design options and the spec for the project. It’s great to see a popular discussion like this.

Something to bear in mind: whilst regular visitors enter a topic at their last-viewed position, new members and casual visitors enter at post #1 (unless they’ve clicked on a link to a specific post on the topic). This means they have a lot of reading to do before they find out the current state of the mural project.

For this reason, I’d recommend further specific mural discussions (eg design exploration, individual meetings, updates etc) are discussed in new topics. You can reply as a new linked topic to ensure continuity of discussion.

If you have any questions do let me know.