Archived on 6/5/2022

Dartmouth Rd closure

27 Jan '18

From TfL 'There will be changes in our bus services from Monday 29 January until mid-March . This is due to the closure of Dartmouth Road while London Borough of Lewisham carries out renewal works.

Bus route 122 will be diverted in both directions via London Road, Sydenham Rise, Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale, not serving Dartmouth Road.

Bus routes 176 and 197 will be diverted in both directions via Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale, not serving London Road (east of Sydenham Hill), Forest Hill station or Dartmouth Road. Customers for National Rail or London Overground can change at Sydenham station instead of Forest Hill station. Customers going to the town centre can change at Lordship Lane to / from route 185 or in Kirkdale to / from route 356.

We are posting notices at the bus stops in Dartmouth Road, directing customers to alternative stops.’

26 Mar '18

Does anyone know when Dartmouth Road will be reopened?

26 Mar '18

Hi @Jo_Maran,

The last thing I heard, it was 31st March

26 Mar '18

‘End of this month’ was what I was told yesterday when I walked the length of Dartmouth Road twice. Pavements around the Sylvan Post (my lunchtime destination) are in a very rough state. So still looks like a long way to go and not a huge amount of activity this morning around FH Pools area.