Archived on 6/5/2022

SE26.Life recommendation

23 Apr '17

I’d just like to say if works out like has it will be an amazing forum for locals in Sydenham :slight_smile:

27 Apr '17

I’ve been lurking on the forum for long enough wishing we had one for SE26. Very pleased we now have this!

28 Apr '17

Thanks @Pauline and @Mel :thumbsup:

Looking forward to hearing more from friends down the road in Sydenham. Please encourage SE26ers to post here and help build the momentum.

28 Apr '17

Indeed! Although the Sydenham Town Forum is a good source of info and chat too, it must be said. If we can have lots of different coffee shops and great bars, why not local websites too?
Natch there’ll only ever be ONE proper sweet shop in the area!

28 Apr '17

I’m sad to contest the STF. It’s a good forum.

I have reached out to their former and current admins because I want to discuss ways in which we can work together and preserve their legacy. This hasn’t gone anywhere unfortunately.

So I think we’ll need to move on independently.

People enjoy the model and the technology we offer. It is significantly different to STF, and I want to see if it works for Sydenham.

In the Facebook age, local forums risk being killed wholesale, and I don’t want that to happen. We have to be technically competitive and offer features and culture that Facebook doesn’t.

29 Apr '17

I think there is room for the 2 forums. I always found the STF quite negative so here’s hoping that SE26.Life can be a bit more positive for the area.

10 Nov '18 is feeling positive so far. :+1:

The model worked brilliantly for Forest Hill and I’m confident that @JMLF and I can deliver the same for Sydenham.

All members: please let your friends know about and let’s build some momentum :rocket: