Archived on 6/5/2022

Cobbs Corner

20 Dec '17

Hello, I moved to Sydenham in August and see that the old department store (including night club and banqueting hall!) on Cobbs Corner is up for rent.

Earlier in the year there was possible interest from Nando’s and possibly a cinema, but that seems to have fallen through?

I know this seems hugely naive, but if there was a number of like minded people could a co operative be set up to adapt the space to cinema and studios/educational space, pop-up eateries?!

Obviously a large amount of money would have to be raised and it may be there are plans already in place, but it seems a fantastic facility for local people (sorry) to use.

I realise it is hugely ambitious but if there is nothing happening with the space it might be interesting to see if HNF Property or Lewisham Council would be open to other ideas. It is so horrid walking past a boarded up building every day when you can see the potential.

Madness I know but would be interested to hear from others who may have experience of such projects or just calm me down and try and do something on a smaller scale like Pengetout!

Thanks for any advice!

20 Dec '17

Hi @kateP, welcome to Sydenham, and to

A cooperative for Cobbs Corner sounds like an interesting idea which may have a lot of support amongst local residents. I have shared this topic on our social media channels.

20 Dec '17

Thanks Chris,

It would be interesting to see what response there is, I realise it is a hugely ambitious idea, but you never know! There seem to be a lot of creative people in the area who are keen to get Sydenham flourishing in different ways.


21 Dec '17

except Nando’s is still going ahead. There’s a thread on The Sydenham Town Forum. They’ve got planning permission, finally. there was a hold up as they were issues with delivery lorry size, size of loading bay, and take out/delivery bikes, etc. but that’s all been sorted.

you could still get a cooperative for the rest of the complex which won’t be a Nando’s.

21 Dec '17

Hi Jon

Thanks for that, it’s good that something is going there. I could always ask the property company which parts of the building remain free, but I would imagine that Nando will be where the wedding shop was and maybe stretch further into the ground floor (Citizens Advice?). It might mean the working men’s club is still vacant?

Cheers for the info!

25 Dec '17

It’s an interesting idea - I’d love to see something like that in Sydenham. My partner and I would be happy to help in any way we can. Our combined areas of work relate to small businesses, journalism, and charity management. We’re soon moving to Kirkdale and we’ve been hoping to get more involved in community projects this year. Even if it turns out to be completely unworkable it’s always good to put the feelers for potential projects and to find new links!

29 Dec '17

Hi Jam Sandwich!

Thanks for your feedback, good to know there are professionals out there with lots of experience. I might just have to be brave and phone the property company in the new year and find out their position. No doubt be greeted with zero enthusiasm (rightly so from their point of view). But at least I could find out if they have interested parties lined up or might be open to community projects?!

Hope to update soon!