Archived on 6/5/2022

Looking for baby and toddler classes

28 Nov '17

Hello mums,

Have you used Happity yet? It’s is a great new app that helps you find baby and toddler classes in your area. It’s been designed and built by mums and has load of useful filters like day, age and location and also great features like location map, prices and booking info. It’s like Hoop but specifically for the under 5 age group. Here’s what’s going on in Sydenham today. If you know of any playgroups that are not on the site, you can email Happity at and they will add them.


1 Dec '17

Hello mums?! Dads too I hope!.. Totally understand that females are still generally the primary caregiver especially during the first year (and/or more), but dads are still involved in decisions and as the app seems to provide info for all days and different times up to the age of 5 I’m sure that both parents would find it useful :slight_smile:

Website/App looks very helpful mind and glad there appears so much available locally!

2 Dec '17

Yes, I thought the same! But the app’s very helpful, thanks @rachelhap

4 Dec '17

Hello JMLF, sorry that was a total oversight on my behalf! I completely agree with your point about dads and I meant this post for all parents, grandparents and anyone else looking after kids :slight_smile: Happity are actually working on an filter which is for dads which can be used for activities where the provider are particularly encouraging dads to come along. The idea behind it is to help support dads and help them meet other dads taking their kids to activities. I’m glad you find the app useful :slight_smile: Rachel