Archived on 6/5/2022

Service for over-65s to claim Attendance Allowance

14 Feb '22

For people who are over 65 and find some tasks at home more difficult to do, there’s a state benefit they might be eligible for, irrespective of their financial situation?

Attendance Allowance is paid to people to help them maintain their independence at home. Many people who could be entitled to it either don’t know about it or assume you have to be severely disabled to receive it.

• It doesn’t matter what someone’s income is
• It doesn’t matter if they are single or married
• Pensions are not affected
• Housing benefit is not affected
• Savings are not considered
• It’s tax free
• You receive it for life

Attendance Allowance has two rates, £60 per week and £89.60 per week. The money can be spent on anything: paying bills, buying groceries, paying for a taxi or cleaner, going on a holiday. It’s your money, so you decide how you spend it.

The Attendance Allowance form is very long, and it can appear daunting.

Greg Watts, a former benefits advisor with Age Concern, who lives in Sydenham, will obtain the form, fill it in, and send it to the Department of Work and Pensions, who will notify the claimant if they are entitled to Attendance Allowance.

If your claim is successful, Greg charges a one-off fee after the first Attendance Allowance payment has been made. If the claim is not successful, there is no charge.

Contact 0208 776-9250