Archived on 6/5/2022

Livesey Memorial Hall in danger!

14 Sep '21


Kier, the Livesey’s landlord, has been negotiating to sell the Livesey and its land to a property developer. The buyer says they are signing the agreement this week.

Today, Lewisham’s lawyers are reminding them that, as an Asset of Community Value, we have the right to bid for it, and to ensure that it is in community use. The developers want to redevelop the sports grounds, which would make the hall’s business unviable, as it would lead to objections to live music, or parties.

On Sunday, at 1.30, we are planning a rally for the Livesey’s supporters, which will give us the chance to take a photo of the community that loves the Livesey, for press releases. Come and join us, spread the word, and lobby your councillors as soon as possible.

4 Oct '21

If you want to help save the Livesey, you can:

Sign the online petition at · The world’s platform for change … rect=false

Donate to ‘Save the Livesey legal fighting fund’ at:

If you have any time at all to work on social media and communications, I’d be incredibly grateful.