Archived on 6/5/2022

Playstation charity donation

14 Nov '20

Hi all. As charity shops don’t accept electronic devices, I’m looking for a new home for an old Playstation 3 (with FIFA). It would be good to give it to someone who may not be able to afford such luxuries at the moment. If anyone has any ideas as to any organisations that distribute such items to families, I’d be very grateful for any recommendations.

17 Nov '20

I dropped a games console off at the RSPCA charity shop in Sydenham Road the other day - wasn’t aware that charity shops aren’t taking them.

21 Nov '20

Many do accept electronics, they just need to have the capacity to get them tested. You can ask inside. I think Sue Ryder and St Christopher’s can both accept electronics.

10 Jan '21


I am not sure if this has been given away yet, but I am hoping to launch a charity raffle to raise money for “The Shoe That Grows” to send to orphans abroad.

I am keen on sourcing electronic donations as I think it will be the best way to get my colleagues to part with their cash!

Happy to provide proof/evidence throughout the process.