Archived on 6/5/2022

Gasholders and green energy: the BEIS Report

22 Sep '20

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has finally produced its Heat Network Development Unit report on the Bell Green gasholders site. As the consultants started, SGN was busy backfilling the voids, and so making green energy use impossible. The businesses at Bell Green almost all denied the consultants access to data.

The consultants produced very positive results for gasholders as an opportunity for green energy storage. Their appraisal of BG was less promising, because it was already too late, and they widened their scope out to the surrounding area. It came far too late to save our landmarks, but it was already promises to provide a green energy dividend for more innovative local authorities.

The report’s data is being trawled by a lovely local expert, who may be willing to share their calculations (and identity!) later. They are asking a different question: what could have been achieved if @SGNgas had been willing to cooperate with BEIS, or @damienegan had actually stood up to them, and held off the backfilling until the potential was known. Lewisham has achieved a huge loss in its ability to meet its sustainable development targets. Guess it’ll have to be lots more roadblocks…

More details later, when the report is studied in depth. In the meanwhile, the report may help Tower Hamlets’ Marian Place gasworks redevelopment to support its gasholders’ retention within the design. It goes before TH’s Strategic Development Committee on Thursday…