Archived on 6/5/2022

Are you considering leaving Sydenham? [Poll]
2 Sep '20

With working from home becoming more common, and attitudes to London changing, are you considering a move from Sydenham?

  • No! I’m happy here
  • Moved / considering moving elsewhere in London
  • Moved / considering moving outside London
  • Moved / considering moving outside the UK
  • Other

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3 Sep '20

For comparison, here’s the same poll on

4 Sep '20

I voted other, because my husband and I always planned to move to the New Forest when he retired. That doesn’t mean we don’t love Sydenham, but rather that we want to be closer to family and life-long friends in the area where I used to live.

So our move is nothing to do with Covid-19.

4 Sep '20

My move was on the cards pre covid but certainly covid has meant some events have changed order, like my current 3 month sabbatical to travel is delayed and house move brought forward by probably a year at least. Stamp duty holiday also adding time incentive.