Archived on 6/5/2022

20 metre high 5G mast proposed for Newlands Park SE26 [Refused]

21 Jul '20

Location plan:

22 Jul '20

Should we be worried about this from a health perspective? I must admit, I don’t understand the terminology being used in reports about 5G.

Also, will Chinese equipment be used in this mast?

22 Jul '20

No, and no.:grin:

22 Jul '20

If will be approved I hope the installation is One that looks like a tree

10 Aug '20

Good. Thank you for setting this old mind at ease @LondonDRZ

24 Aug '20

This has been refused:

29 Aug '20

There was also a proposal for one on Wells Park Road, right next to a bus stop.

Lewisham has just refused that one.

R E A S O N (S) F O R R E F U S A L The siting, appearance and excessive height of the proposed monopole would result in an overly bulky, dominant and highly visible addition and the proposed cabinets would result in visually cluttered streetscence, giving rise to an unacceptable impact on the local character of the townscape and visual amenity when viewed from Wells Park Road and Sydenham Wells Parks, contrary to Policy CS 15 (High quality design for Lewisham) of the Core Strategy (2011), Policies 30 (Urban design and local character), 35 (Public Realm), and 39 (Domestic satellite dishes and telecommunications equipment & Radio and telecommunications masts and infrastructure) of the Development Management Local Plan (2014).

Again, this is refused because local people took the time and trouble to object.

There are more masts proposed, including for Cobbs Corner. But this proves if they’re proposed for the wrong locations they can be stopped - as long as local people lodge formal objections.