Archived on 6/5/2022

Renegade and Longton - Local Craft Sparkling Wines

8 Jul '20

I’d like to introduce myself (Longton) and Brendan (Renegade). We met in 2014 pooling our life experiences of non grape wine making. Over the next two years we began creating some great sparkling wines in my garden shed in Longton Avenue, Sydenham, and I got trained up in proper wine making. In 2016 we took our best wines to the “Speciality and Fine Food Fair” up at Olympia. With much positive feedback we launched into professional wine making in partnership with a winery down in Hastings. Our two flagship wines came on line from 2017. Since then we have been at many foodie festivals and events, Greenwich and Borough Markets, in Wholefoods - Kensington and Richmond. You can also buy our wines online. We continue to run the company from Longton Avenue.

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