Archived on 6/5/2022

School bathrooms

15 May '20

To those thinking of letting their children return to school - or any other business really - check out the bathrooms first.

It’s disappointing that some schools and businesses still have those old fashioned taps that have to be turned off by hand, thus contaminating those hands that have just been washed.

It doesn’t matter how many times a small child sings Happy Birthday. They won’t necessarily know that they shouldn’t then turn off the tap by hand.

It’s not just schools of course. It’s worrying how many restaurants still have these taps. Ewww. As do theatres. My last theatre trip - when the world was already aware of Coronavirus and Chinatown deserted - it was a juggling act in the restroom. No handbag hooks on the loo door, no lids on the loos so that flushing sent unpleasantness everywhere, no soap in the soap dispenser, aged air dryer sending germs flying, and of course ancient and visibly dirty turn on and off by hand taps.

But schools are publicly funded and sorting their bathrooms out before reopening is a must if they’re not to spread the virus.

I urge all parents just to check your child’s school restroom is up to spec.

15 May '20

I agree about the difficulties of safe handwashing and taps in schools Mary. And I think there are a few other problems that need sorting too really if the planned partial school opening is to go ahead. Seems a strange choice to send the youngest back first doesn’t it.