Archived on 6/5/2022

Car thief about tonight

21 Apr '20

Just interrupted a guy trying to break into my car, on the drive on upper Kirkdale. He ran off hell for leather down Kirkdale in the direction of Dartmouth Road.

Black guy, maybe bald, black tracksuit with white markings on. Fast on his feet and didn’t appear to be carrying anything.

I’m now waiting for the police, who said they’d do a drive around then come here.

Update: this happened at about 1.55 (it was 1.59 when I looked at my clock). It’s now 2.20 and the police have just been. Very nice. Warned me not to leave stuff in the car, which is a bit of a mess.)

23 Apr '20

Sorry to hear about this Mary, I hope you and your car are okay

25 Apr '20

We’re fine now thanks Vennerist. My car does seem to be a magnet for the worst morons of Sydenham. In the past two years I have had someone drive into the side of me when they were overtaking at speed on the crowded high street, three creeps doing a huge amount of damage trying to steal my catalytic converter and now this !

This was the first time the police turned up though. So that’s an improvement. On the first occasion, because they had the numberplate and a bit of the other car that had pranged off as it crashed into me, plus witness statements and CCTV, the police did take the driver to court. The police told me I didn’t have to attend but then they didn’t either, so the case was automatically dismissed and the maniac got away with it and is still zooming around our streets.

Heigh ho. At least this time my car is still drivable and I haven’t had to make yet another insurance claim. Ironically, I’m shielding so can’t use the car now anyway. Whereas the last two times, when it was off the road, I desperately needed it because my mum was very poorly.

Our cars must seem like easy targets at the moment, because most people are at home all the time. But we must be careful to lock our house doors and windows when we’ve been in the garden.

2 May '20

Dreadful bad luck Mary.

I gave up my car many years ago as I find London roads have become more hostile places to be and I also suffered hit and run damage to my car whilst parked.