Archived on 6/5/2022

Grants for Charities

1 Apr '20

I just received this email from Laura Luckhurst of Lewisham Council …

Dear friends,

If you’re involved with or know of a local charity helping people in the COVID 19 emergency, please share this information with them:

The London Community Response Fund Wave 1 is open for applications now. There will be a Wave 2 and possibly Wave 3 thereafter.

Wave 1 is for small grants of £5,000 for essentials such as food and essential supplies, and aimed at charities helping Londoners with coping with shielding and self-isolation. If your charity is supporting vulnerable residents through the COVID 19 emergency, you may be eligible. There is a rolling deadline of every Friday starting this Friday 3 April and applications will be assessed the following week after each Friday deadline. Costs incurred from March 23 onwards are eligible. Groups unsuccessful at the first deadline will be re-submitted for a 2nd chance.

Applying now for the small grant for essentials does not exclude you from applying in Wave 2 or beyond. Visit the website for more details, guidance and application process, and sign up for updates as new funding becomes available. If you have visited the site and read the guidance and still have questions, you can email for advice.


With sincere thanks for everything you are doing for vulnerable residents at this very difficult time.

Kindest regards,

Laura Luckhurst
Community Development Officer

Cultural and Community Development Service
London Borough of Lewisham

020 8314 3830

Mob: 07392 860155