Archived on 6/5/2022

Coronavirus Profiteering

26 Mar '20

Have you spotted any coronavirus profiteering?

26 Mar '20

Thanks for highlighting this disgusting behaviour. Will definitely avoid these shops now and in the future!

26 Mar '20

Shop keepers got bills to pay. How they gonna support their families when business dries up or shut down and stock goes off?

26 Mar '20

From what I’ve seen, smaller independent shops are doing relatively well since the bigger supermarkets keep running out of stock. Regardless, we’ve all got bills to pay in these worrying times. Increasing prices this much to increase profits is not cool. How do we know this lady could realistically afford £15 for calpol?

26 Mar '20

The govt is sloshing unprecedented money around so people will get paid, even if they can’t work. Tax holidays, base rate down to 0.1% (cheaper mortgages), renters protected from eviction, benefits increased.

With all that in place, I think the real danger here is inflation - whose #1 victim is those with large pension pots and savings. And perhaps £15 Calpol is a little taste of that future inflation!

I reckon people will still have money to spend in shops, and expensive painkillers are probably just a short term supply/demand blip.

@BraapLondon has a point - shop keepers are literally risking their lives, staying open to keep stuff available to people. They have a very uncertain future, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

It would be hugely unfair if we were forced to pay £15 for Calpol because all shops were colluding to charge that amount, but the reality is that we still have a functioning market economy and you’ll probably find Calpol a lot cheaper elsewhere.

27 Mar '20

In NewsShopper:

I find it odd, the concept of the police getting involved in the pricing of products.

At the end of the day, regardless of pricing, having a choice of products on sale is better than having no products on sale.

No shopkeeper is obliged to sell anything. If government starts telling people what to charge, then I reckon we’ll see fewer products on the shelves.

28 Mar '20

Thank you letting us no about this

31 Mar '20

Hi dear

This not true, Me and my family always buying from this shop, They are always charge lower than all stores. I’v been today in this shop and I’ll find out this hand sanitizer. They are right because it was 500ml for £20 NOT small hand sanitizer witch regular shops selling at list £1.25. Please do not rush into judgment. This shop is better than others.