Archived on 6/5/2022

The strength of our community will help carry us through

19 Mar '20

We live in a neighbourhood of tremendous strength and resilience, a locality which nurtured Eleanor Marx, Ernest Shackleton and Sir George Grove

We enjoy a long tradition of neighbourliness, local activism, community action and artistic endeavour

These are troubling times but it won’t be long before we once again are able to stride along Sydenham Road and Kirkdale with confidence and safety.

Sydenham Assembly and other local events cancelled

The Sydenham Assembly is cancelled, as is the whole of the Assembly programme for the immediate future. Team members are being redeployed as part of the Council’s response to supporting the community with Coronavirus. For all other local events, check beforehand

Support your local high street

Now’s the time to ‘shop local!’ While major supermarkets are finding it difficult to fill their shelves (and the news is full of footage of massive queues) the many independent shops we have in Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill are well supplied and need the support of the community to keep going. On a similar theme, many local restaurants are offering a takeaway service. So why not curl up in front of your favourite box set and have your dinner delivered

Neighbourhood support groups

Many streets in Sydenham have WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages and Google groups. If you live in a road which doesn’t currently have a group like this, now’s the time to consider setting one up. Alternatively, another way to offer practical assistance is to print out the postcard below and put it through the letterbox of any neighbour you think might benefit. Your offer of help will be much appreciated

Above: Kirkdale (called Sydenham High Street during the Edwardian era)

Photograph courtesy of Steve Grindlay