Archived on 6/5/2022

Thank you for Christmas

9 Jan '20

Big thanks to everyone involved in making Kirkdale’s Christmas tree switch on event such a success:

Nothing would have happened without the hard work and dedication of Maya Onyett the Forest Hill Assembly Co-ordinator, who found the money, organized so much and even turned out to help with the food and ladle out the mulled wine.

Big thanks too to Santa; and to Skanska - especially Roger for helping Santa to turn on the lights; Geoff and everyone at Highways for the cones so we could keep the cars off the pavements and for finding and saving the Happiest Christmas Tree for us; SEE3 and the FH Ward Councillors for the funds; to all the local residents who gave such encouragement and support - financial, practical and emotional - especially Vici for her tireless hard work, energy and enthusiasm, Rob and Cath for making such a great job of the planter; and to Kirkdale High Street’s fantastic businesses for the magnificent range of yummy food and drink. And of course to everyone who came and lent their voices to our sing-song and enjoy the food.

I’ve been asked who donated the delicious food and I’m happy to say most of Kirkdale’s High Street traders contributed. So thanks go to …

Birchall’s Tea Company (54 Willow Way) - for their wonderful estate grown teas and for the loan of the tea urn
Michelle at Mabel’s Five & Dime (100 Kirkdale) - thank you for the mince pies and for playing tea lady
161 Food + Drink (161 Kirkale) - mulled wine
Kitchen Skills (134 Kirkdale) - home made traybakes and gingerbread stars
Vardo (96 Kirkdale) - mince pies/cake
Dulwich Reclamation (130-132 Kirkdale) - mince pies/cake
George at Gabby’s (190 Dartmouth Road) - patties, chicken and salad
Hibagon Sushi & Grill (124 Kirkdale) - sushi
Moustache (99 Kirkdale) - banana and lemon cakes
Mr Pizza (223 Dartmouth Road) - pizzas
Brothers Kebabs (172 Dartmouth Road) - kebabs and salad
Classique Hair Salon (188 Dartmouth Road) - soft drinks, crisps and selection boxes
Ram Convenience Store (159 Kirkdale) - paper plates, cups, etc.
Kirkdale Fish & Chips (157 Kirkdale) - chips
Bose Chicken (121 Kirkdale) - chicken wings
Tesco Express (139-145 Kirkdale) - sweets

We’re blessed with a great community spirit here on Sydenham’s original high street and I hope we’ll show our appreciation by supporting our lovely businesses throughout the year. A trader is not just for Christmas!